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About Pataday®

Prescription strength Pataday features the ingredient doctors prescribed most for itchy allergy eyes. Prescription no longer required. 


Pataday® Users Can Now Buy Pataday Online

Over 34 million prescriptions have been written for Pataday since 2008.




*Includes prescriptions written for Pataday, now Pataday Once Daily Relief and Patanol, now Pataday Twice Daily Relief

Triggers of Seasonal Allergies
Triggers of Seasonal Allergies

Itchy Eyes? Meet the Invisible Enemies.

Did you know there are thousands of allergens in every cubic yard of air? Pollen, ragweed, and grass are the triggers we might think of first. But you don’t have to set foot outdoors to have your day ruined by itchy allergy eyes. Pet dander and animal hair are among the most common indoor allergens. That’s why there’s Pataday. Pataday is made to relieve the itch caused by these everyday culprits—both indoor and out.

How Does Pataday Work?

Pataday works two ways.

It goes to work on mast cells in the eye. (Mast cells house the histamines that make your eyes itch.) Pataday stabilizes the mast cells, preventing them from releasing histamines.

Pataday also blocks histamines that have already been released from attaching to the histamine (H1) receptors in the eye, breaking the chain of allergic reaction.

Less histamines means less allergy eye itch.  

Once Daily Relief or
Twice Daily Relief

Both Pataday Once Daily Relief and Pataday Twice Daily Relief feature the ingredient doctors prescribed most for eye allergy itch relief. 

Once Daily Relief

Formerly known as Pataday®, one drop of 0.2% olopatadine formula works fast and provides eye allergy itch relief. It can be used once a day for relief that lasts all day.

Ingredients, Usage and Safety

Twice Daily Relief

Formerly known as Patanol®, this 0.1% olopatadine formula works fast to reduce eye allergy itch and redness. It can be used twice a day.

Ingredients, Usage and Safety

What Makes Pataday

Once Daily Relief Unique?

Pataday is the first once daily eye allergy itch relief drop that’s available without a prescription.

A single drop of Pataday Once Daily Relief works directly on the cells that make your eyes itch. It’s fast relief that lasts all day.